just want to start by saying Thank you. My son Jaden got glasses in July, and has loved them ever since. Jaden has alway’s been afraid of the doctors so the first time jaden was seen it was a little difficult. Dr. Gooch had patience with Jaden since day one, and Dr. Gooch will alway’s be a real “COWBOY” in our family. Dr. Gooch is a real blessing to our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Cassie Taylor

We just got Gabe’s new glasses. At first, he didn’t like the idea of having something “new” on his face. Thank goodness they are flexible (and thanks for not selling cheap stuff Paul, they are worth every penny) because they would already be broken. He took them off his face numerous times and as long as we don’t talk about them a lot, he forgets that they are there.What we’ve noticed: He is willing to sit further away from the T.V. which is HUGE! He used to always move closer until he was basically hugging the T.V. I seriously thought that it was just him being stubborn because Kierstyn wanted him out of her way or because he liked the idea of being close. I am watching him now move the glasses up and down as he looks to see which works better for him.The first time we walked outside, he went to take some steps and was like, “whoa.” They looked so different to him! Today he has kept them on much better! When we went to go get sissy from school, he was looking around and pointing at things far away and saying what they were. It was so cute! My husband and I both started crying last night when we were holding him on the bed with us. Why? Because we know that he can see and that his world will be so much better now! Paul,we can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for your sweet little nephew. You are amazing at what you do and make a real positive difference in peoples lives :)

– Amberlee Harder

After having purchased what I thought to be the best progressive lense in a “standard” optical shop, I was horrified to learn my new glasses made me feel like I was in the old “funhouse” at Lagoon, and it never got better as I tried to get used to them! So I gave up on them. I was reluctant to try correcting my vision again because not only had I lost confidence in the entire process, I knew the eyewear at Southwest Vision would be more costly. Being a musician and understanding the difference in tone and musical sensitivity a good instrument can make, I decided to give correcting my vision one last try. I can honestly say the moment Dr. Gooch placed my glasses on my face, the adjustment was immediate and comfortable. It was the vision equilivant of a “stradivarious”! I have learned that if you have to pay for something twice, you might as well go for quality, and get it right the first time! Thank you Dr. Gooch, for giving me a whole new outlook on life!

– A happy notereading musician, Kris Palmer

Dear Dr. Gooch,

This is just a note to tell you how much I love the new progressive tri-focal lens (PHYSIO 360) you encouraged me to try. After having had a miserable experience 10 years ago with my first pair… weeks of dizziness!… I know I would never use them again. So, for 10 years I’ve continued to use the ‘old faithfuls,’ my lined tri-focals. But now I am so happy you urged me to give the progressive lens a try! I love them! The first few days I kept expecting to be dizzy but it never happened. Not only did I forget about being dizzy, I forget I even have them on! I could never go back to the old ones again. Thanks for your encouragement & help, and for taking such good care of my eyes! See you next year. – P.T.

Dr. Robison and all his staff are excellent professionals. I live 50 miles away and the great care I get is well worth the trip.‎

– Jennifer

I would like to say how extremely pleased I am with your service and products. Mostly, I would like to say how satisfied with the complete examination. I am very happy with contacts that I recently purchased, and I’m even more happy with the cost (so much less than retail). I have been a satisfied customer for about a couple of years, and will continue to be one for many years to come. Thank you!‎

– D

I went in for contacts, and I received the best service. The staff was helpful and friendly.‎

– Jed

SouthWest Vision is the best eye care facility in Southen Utah. Dr Robison is extremely professional, and helped me with a problem that I had for years.‎

– Karl

Dr. Robison and the others that have worked with me at SouthWest Vision have always treated me like a king. I am most impressed with how thorough they are. Coming from a family with a high risk of diabetes, it is very nice to be able to see the actual health of my eyes. Even when I feel like I am seeing just fine, I like to visit their office just to make sure that the unseen parts of my vision are doing well. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!‎

– Joe


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